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When I first started planning our own crowdfunding campaign, I took a hard look at the crowdfunding scene and I stumbled upon Brian Fargo's "Kicking it forward" concept. Since it is my strong belief that supporting projects and giving back have to go hand in hand in crowdfunding, I got really excited about his idea.

Sadly we couldn't participate in the campaign, since we created our own project with the help of Indiegogo . So I went ahead and asked the very helpful people of Indiegogo about such a campaign. They told me that it had not been done yet, but that they would love to see something like this. The solution was clear: We just had to create something similar for this great platform ourselves.

We want to give project creators on Indiegogo the opportunity to add the URL to their project and with this act pledge to use 5% of profits from their finished products to back other Indiegogo campaigns.It is not about using part of the raised money, but about using a part of the profits from the finished product after all expenses have been paid for.

When a project has become profitable, the creator will spend 5% of their profits into Indiegogo campaigns they wish to support. The decision to uphold this pledge and the decision about which projects to support lies solely with the individual project creators. We won't check if a project upholds its promise. It is purely about doing the right thing.

We won't interfere with the process, we just want to give everyone the opportunity to do something good. The purpose of this page is to inform about the keepitgogoing campaign and to give project creators the opportunity to add their project to be displayed on this page.
We are also not affiliated in any way with Indiegogo.

- Patrick Nimmich, Fjord Games

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